If you’re trying to figure out how to increase free testosterone levels naturally, then today you’ll learn why Nettle should be your #1 choice. You’ve likely tried things such as Tribulus to boost your testosterone levels, possibly with mixed results.

Nettle root however is a somewhat unknown  in the testosterone boosting market, without the hype many herbs receive. Ironically though it’s potentially the one single herb with the greatest chance to dramatically increase your free testosterone levels!

Why is Nettle Effective in Boosting Testosterone?

Nettle root helps the body to maintain higher testosterone levels for longer!

Did you know, that typically only 2% of your testosterone levels are free. In other words only 2% of your overall testosterone levels are active at any given time. It’s for this reason that by increasing the level of FREE testosterone in your body, you can dramatically increase the effect testosterone has on your body!

Why can’t you access the other 98% of your testosterone? The reason is that it’s bound to the sex hormone binding globulin also known as (SHBG). This renders testosterone effectively inert and useless to your body!

Understanding all of this, wouldn’t it nice if you could reduce the amount of SHBG that binds to testosterone in your body?

I have some good news for you!

This is EXACTLY how Nettle works!

Nettle works by binding to SHBG so that you have more free testosterone in your body.

The result is greater levels of strength, endurance, less pain and increased sexual vitality.

For men another MAJOR benefit of greatly increased levels of testosterone is re-experiencing that great feeling you had when you were a teenager when your testosterone levels were raging! To just feel great everyday! This is what elevated free testosterone levels can do for you!


Nettle isn’t just for the Guys!

Women can benefit significantly from taking Nettle Extract! Since SHBG will bind to estrogen in women and maintaining free levels of estrogen is equally important to womens health.

If this wasn’t enough, Nettle will even unbind testosterone from SHBG, creating additional free testosterone!

In every way Nettle is constantly working to give you MORE Free Testosterone!

Isn’t TOO much Testosterone or Estrogen a problem?

Yes! However ONLY when it’s bound to SHBG, since this is how they convert into harmful metabolites such as estradiol from estrogen.

However increased FREE levels of Testosterone or Estrogen respectively in Men and Women lowers the level of these metabolites in the body.


Nettle Root, Testosterone and Hair Loss

Unlike some herbs such as Saw Palmetto which flat out block DHT (something you don’t necessarily want). Nettle works by blocking DHT receptor sites, such as those found on your scalp and in the prostate. This prevents DHT from having a negative effect in these areas and causing hair loss.

It also allows for DHT to continue circulating and providing benefits (of which there are in fact many).

On the flip side Nettle directly blocks 5-a reductase & aromatase, the enzymes responsible for causing male pattern baldness (androgenic allopecia). In this way it is one of the few (maybe the ONLY) herbs that can directly stop male pattern baldness.


You can rest assured, taking Nettle extract can safely AND dramatically increase your testosterone levels while also preventing hair loss and reducing prostate issues! By allowing DHT to benefit your body while offsetting its downsides.

Nettle is truly one of the most remarkable herbs that exists and receives very little attention ironically in regards to its potent Testosterone benefiting effects!


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