Supplement Source – Name   Particular supplement Xenohormetic Ingredient Positives and Problems with the   particular Supplement
Extra virgin olive secoiridoids decarboxymethyl oleuropein aglycon Most of the secoiridoids are lost in the waste   water from the olive oil presses. It doesn’t get on the shelf
Turmeric               curcumin Best anticancer compound, but there is very low   absorption of curcumin and even lower bioavailability
Red wine and red grapes resveratrol Resveratrol is well absorbed and very   bioavailable, but is rapidly excreted by the kidneys in a few hrs
White wine and green grapes n-tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol White wine is great, but to get enough n-tyrosol   and hydroxyl tyrosol, you would have to drink all day
Cruciferous vegetables        isothiocyanates (Ex: sulforaphane)        You need to eat a bushel of broccoli, brussel   sprounts, cabbage and cauliflower every day 
Garlic allyl mercaptan, allicin Garlic smells.    Garlic extracts that do not smell do not have high levels of the   active ingredient
Onions    quercetin, rutin Onions smell and make you cry.  Extracts that do not make you tear do not   have the good ingredients
Soybeans, Kudzu genistein, soyasaponins       Soybeans are very good for many reasons.  Unfortunately, genistein also serves as a   phytoestrogen
Green tea, white tea EGCG, EGC Estimates are that you need to drink 15 glasses of   green tea per day, to get the proper dose.    May be   one of the reasons for low cancer risk in Japanese
Green coffee beans caffeic   acid and chlorogenic acid Green   coffee beans are good.  These   polyphenols are damaged by the heat with coffee bean roasting
Fish oil, Krill oil EPA, DHA There are multiple cardiovascular disease   reducable by fish or krill oil
Allspice   ericifolin                 This spice is one of the best HDAC inhibitors
Mushrooms angiogenesis   inhibitors Mushrooms   are great angiogenesis inhibitors
Cashew   nut shell oil anacardic   acid Cashew   nut shell oil is cheap and is one of the best natural HAT inhibitors and HDAC   inhibitors
Chocolate              theobromines Chocolate   actually has 3 mTOR inhibitors.    Unfortunately, chocolate candy has too much sugar
Vitamin   D3            1,125   dihyroxyvitamin D      Vitamin   D3 has been misrepresented as a vitamin.    It is actually a hormone and is good for you
Vitamin E α-tocopherol          Only the   alpha-tocopherol type of Vitamin E is really good for you.
Folic   acid folic   acid This is   the best “methyl donor” that you can take.    It is important for keeping epigenetics normal
Calcium calcium Calcium   has great anticancer effects.  Recent   studies suggest that it should be labeled as such
Selenium selenium Selenium   is an element with many isoforms that are beneficial and some that are not
Frankincense        boswellic   acid  Boswellic   acid is only found in minute quantities in plants. Our use of this as a   supplement can increase the dose
Ginger                   zerumbone Ginger is   another very good spice.  It is a good   HDAC inhibitor.  May be one of the   reasons for low cancer risk in Japanese
Bitter   melon extract charantin,   mormordin Bitter   melon extract has some unique compounds that induce apoptosis in cancer cells 
Cinnamon cinnamic   acid, hydroxycinnamic acid Cinnamon   extracts have all sorts of great features:    They are secreted by exosome release.
Cinnamon hydroxycinnamic   acid (-) HDACs
Cinnamon procyanidin   oligomers (-)   angiogenesis via VEGR-2
Mangosteen   fruit rind           prenylated   xanthones and garcinol Mangostein   rinds are one of the best HDAC inhibitors 
Grapefruit,   other sources naringenin This is   the ingredient that makes grapefruit bitter. 
Citrus   fruits, other sources   Gentisic   acid         This is   another very good ingredient in citrus fruits with multiple mechanisms of   action 
Red   apples, onion quercetin Skins of   red apples an excellent source.  Very   good mitochondrial biogenesis polyphenol 
Piper Longumextract          piperlongumine     This is a   polyphenol that increases ROS selectively in cancer cells. It should be   exploited for this
Tomatoes lycopene,   luteolin, lutein       These   polyphenols are mainly in the tomato skins, which is discarded making   tomato  juice, soup, and ketchup
Venus   flytrap extract plumbagin  
Red   sandalwood oil pterostilbene, α-santalol  
Flaxseed, chia seed linolinic, linoleic acids  
Hot chili peppers   capsaicin  
Rosemary, oregano, sage, thyme      rosemarinic acid  
Volatile oil of Radix sinensis n-butylidenephthalide    
Triphala   churna     chebulinnic   acid   
Skins   from apples, etc.                      ursolic   acid This is   one of the best polyphenol   for   addressing skin cancers; it induces apoptosis in such cells
Yerba   mate caffeine,   theobromine, theophylline Yerba   mate is a good source of all three of these polyphenols

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