5 alpha reductase is an enzyme in the body that converts testosterone into DHT  which then goes on to cause hair loss in men affected with androgenic alopecia. By inhibiting the enzyme we can essentially slow down the production of DHT and thereby prevent hair loss. Here’s the top 4 natural compounds that inhibit 5 alpha reductase.


Resihi mushroom

Reishi mushroom is one of the new kids on the block when it comes to DHT blockers. It’s not as well known yet but initial trials are promising as a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor. Not only can reishi mushroom block DHT but it has been found to benefit the immune system and have anti-cancer properties.

Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is probably the most well-known and also controversial 5 alpha reductase inhibitor, due to the variation in results and side effects associated with high oral dosages. Unfortunately this is because most men take saw palmetto orally. Oral ingestion is the least effective way you can benefit from saw palmettos inhibiting effect on 5-alpha-reductase because it’s diluted throughout the entire body. A much more effective method is to apply the soft gel capsules topically to the affected areas of the scalp.

Green tea

Green tea contains two important compounds for inhibiting 5 alpha reductase scientists found. Studies on mice showed that both epicatechin-3-gallate and epigallocatechin-3-gallate, naturally occurring compounds in green tea, caused significant hair re-growth in mice. As of yet, no human studies have been conducted, but previous research on hair loss seems to suggest that what works for mice often works for humans too.


Alklaizing the bloodstream by consuming foods that have a net alkaline effect on the body can significantly reduce the amount of type 2 alpha 5 reductase in the scalp. You should find out what foods have alkalizing properties and increase the proportion of these foods in your meals, and conversely find which foods have acidifying properties and try to eat less of them.

Amazingly this is a method that’s far more effective at inhibiting alpha 5 reductase from creating DHT in the scalp, than any synthetic drug like finasteride. It’s also completely in line with nature and the only side effects are increased health, energy, metabolism and sex drive. Type 2 alpha 5 reductase is an enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydroxytestosterone.

Eat at least one of these 7 most alkaline foods each day, in large quantities and see an improvement in new hair growth

Enzymes have a very narrow range of pH that they can operate within, and outside this range they can’t do their job. Type 2 alpha 5 reductase operates below neutral in our scalps. So by raising our bodily pH we can directly reduce the amount of DHT in the scalp. There’s a very easy way to do this and it’s detailed in full in our hair loss course along with detailed tables of alkalizing and acidifying foods, that’s available right now here.

Alkalizing the bloodstream is in my experience the most effective and long term solution for inhibiting 5 alpha reductase and can have a dramatic effect on preventing further hair loss. Before the agricultural revolution our diets consisted primarily of highly alkalizing foods. After the agricultural revolution our diets shifted towards acidifying foods like grains.

The overall affect is that many enzymes, which are pH controlled, went out of sync with the body (doing what they weren’t designed to do) and one of the side effects was ‘male pattern baldness.’ I certainly can’t imagine many hunter gatherers with shiny bald scalps or receding hair lines.


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