MAIN RULE – INGEST ONLY LIVE VEGAN FOOD NOT MIXED TOGESER DURING ONE MEAL (salt, pepper and other taste enhancers are excluded). The only beverage – water (drink it separately from food). Preferably supplied from natural sources. Time and amount eaten and drunk, and the time between the consumption of different products can vary. We must rely on the senses of the organism (from 30 minutes to several hours – but the longer break the better). Do not eat immediately after waking up, and try to delay a little longer the first meal, and if you start to eat, do it with a small amount of something desirable and juicy (apple or orange). The first serious meal could be in the afternoon. Amount eaten – depending only on appetite (one type of product can be eaten not whole in one time, but part by part, as desire by appetite) . Narrow as possible the choice of products to a minimum. There are simple products that gets used to the body and keep them as a source for power. No violence against yourself, no self-torture when you are hungry or searching some “very useful products”. Use just what is the most affordable and edible at this time of year.

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