How to recognize signs of hyperinsulinemia and IR?

Hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance are associated with the initiation and growth of:

–central abdominal adiposity

–intraorgan adiposity (fatty liver, fatty pancreas, fatty gallbladder, fatty heart, fatty coronary/renal/peripheral arteries, fatty ovaries (e.g. PCOS and ensuing infertility), fatty muscles/sarcopenia)

–fatty liver (on ultrasound or reliable predictor: elevated liver test, ALT)

–skin tags


–acanthosis nigricans (darkening in armpits, behind knees, neck)

–melasma (skin darkening from insulin resistance induced by hormone imbalance by birth control, pregnancy, menopause, hormone replacement therapy)

–benign tumours

–malignant cancers, leukemias and lymphomas

fatty brain degeneration, Alzheimer’s (‘Type 3 Diabetes Mellitus’)

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