See my teeth? You do the beaver smile like this? There’s nothing more attractive than a good smile. There’s something that I wanna show you today that I do every once in a while for my teeth that I absolutely love and you’re gonna love it too. It is taking turmeric, coconut oil and a little peppermint oil. I actually have powdered turmeric here. I’m gonna take one tablespoon of this delicious extra virgin coconut oil and I’m gonna take two of this guys and dump in that right on the coconut oil. Yeah, yeah. We are making turmeric toothpaste my friends! We got a little bit of peppermint oil just like that and mix it together. Now turmeric actually helps the toothache coz its micro bacterial, micro viral. It’s really, really good for your teeth. Helps with gum irritation, gum reddening. It helps with oral infections as well and it helps from your teeth becoming brittle and one of the best things about it is it helps to decalcify your pineal gland.

Come with me to the bathroom and I’m gonna brush my teeth. I’m gonna show you how white my teeth will get by using this. Let’s do this! Alright so we have the toothpaste, I’m just gonna take a little bit, put it on my toothbrush. Now it’s probably gonna make my toothbrush a little yellow so don’t judge. A lot of toothpaste actually has fluoride in it and fluoride can calcify your pineal gland and that is like the third eye, the seed of intuition. So when you are meditating, when you’re sleeping and you wanna get those vivid dreams, you wanna make sure your pineal glands decalcified and you got to remove the fluoride in your body to actually do that and that’s what turmeric does, that’s what spirulina does, chlorella, all of these greens, apple cider vinegar also does it as well.

Turmeric happens to have a lot of neural protective benefits as well. So when it comes to increasing your brains capacity and those neurotransmitters that are firing the serotonin, dopamine and all those neurochemicals, turmeric is amazing for that. Alright so a lot of people have sensitive teeth and turmeric is one of the greatest things for inflammation so what I would recommend is using this toothpaste, putting it on there, using turmeric to help get rid of the inflammation, get rid of the swollen gums that you may have as well. Turmeric and clove actually is good for tooth pains as well. You could use a little bit of that in your toothpaste if you wanted to. And clove oil is actually really good at cleaning your mouth as well.

So there’s different concoctions that you can make with these toothpastes. This is one that’s easy, it’s effective, it’s simple, it whitens your teeth and you don’t have to put all those chemicals in your mouth. Plastic and different things that people are using to whiten their teeth now. Alright so at that time who won the juicer? Remember next week if you wanna win the juicer scroll down to the bottom of this blog post, leave a comment below about how your life is changed by implementing some of the strategies and tips that we talked about on FitLife TV.

This week’s juicer winner is Debbie Martin! Debbie has been drinking apple cider vinegar and lemon every morning and she’s lost ten pounds. She also doesn’t need her heartburn or allergy medication. Way to go Debbie! Use this Kuving’s juicer to take that health to the next level. Drop some organic turmeric and ginger in your veggie juices to see if they help with inflammation and keep us posted on how you feel. Congratulations Debbie! So hopefully you enjoyed this recipe. If you did, give this video a big thumbs up. Like it, share it, love it. In a couple of weeks we’re coming up with our own turmeric which is four times more effective that you’d be able to use four spectrum and it’s the only four spectrum, four times more powerful organic turmeric on the planet that we’re coming out with so I’m excited to get it in your hands so that you can start making recipes like this around your house. Start using food as medicine right? That’s what this is all about so again Drew Canole, remember we’re in this together and I’m gonna ask you to leave my bathroom now, we’ll see you soon. I think they are whiter or they are yellow?

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