Yuri, I have been using your method for a month and made quite some research about the benefits of Cinnamon, Apple Cider Vinegar and Potato Starch plus exercise. My sugar was 480, and possible had it for quite some time and as many, I did not know that I had it. My vision was taking a hit, I lost around 14 pounds in a few weeks, felt thirsty, tired, numbness and any symptom one could have. Anyway, I dropped the medicine the first 3 weeks and started consuming these 3 items daily for a month and I feel awesome. I am averaging 80 to 110 on daily basis. I can see better and I am not even using my glasses to see at distance. Anyway, thank you and so much for sharing. Once I tested again for my A1C I will see, if I really beat it. In the meantime I feel much better.
Nothing I can say about the three ingredients in this video I use the vinegar and cinnamon, I will try the starch just to see, I see several advertisers in these postings, to me this is trying to make a dollar out the suffering of many. I check a few of the addresses given here and they begin with the scary tactics to get into your pockets, I have purchased and tried several of this so called miracle cures and all turn out to be a waste of money. I take Alpha Lipoid Acid, Co Q 10 and chromium picolinate for the control of neuropathy, and a good nutrients like chlorella and spirulina and plus exercise, no medical prescribed pills, my glucose is always over 200 and has been like this for over ten years.
The products Yuri recommends are cheap and you can buy any brand for ACV, Cinnamon and potato starch. His own website says you can just boil potatoes and then chill them before eating.
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